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Excel modelling, Excel tools and PowerBI dashboard development

Simple fixes to get the best from your data

Excel data consolidation

  • Automating the collection of data from multiple sources

  • Merging  data into useful models / dashboards / reports.

  • Better decision making through rigorous analysis

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Interactive excel and PBI dashboards

  • Defining value adding KPIs and building them in to dynamic reports in Excel / Power BI / Tableau / Web / mobile apps

PowerPoint automation

  • Automating creation of slides used in reoccurring presentations, allowing client analysts to spend more time interpreting their data

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Online Course

Excel training

  • Supercharging client team’s capabilities to wrangle complex models

Customised excel tools

  • Build low cost, quick fixes to merge and manage your existing data

  • Generate proof of concepts fast, without incurring expensive IT costs

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