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Management Consulting

Start-up research and foundation

Analytical Tools

Standing Meeting

Start-up and entrepreneurial services

Helping you better understand opportunities


Entrepreneur in residence services

  • Providing investors / accelerators with consultancy services, building business cases for their pipeline of potential companies


Start-up foundation

  • For Successful ideas, helping investors / accelerators found and staff teams for their Singapore based ventures

Business Meeting

Research papers

  • Explore areas of interest, generating summary decks and potential business ideas


Excel modelling, Excel tools and PowerBI dashboard development

Simple fixes to get the best from your data

Excel data consolidation

  • Automating the collection of data from multiple sources

  • Merging  data into useful models / dashboards / reports.

  • Better decision making through rigorous analysis

Financial Report

Interactive excel and PBI dashboards

  • Defining value adding KPIs and building them in to dynamic reports in Excel / Power BI / Tableau / Web / mobile apps

PowerPoint automation

  • Automating creation of slides used in reoccurring presentations, allowing client analysts to spend more time interpreting their data

Financial Analyst
Online Course

Excel training

  • Supercharging client team’s capabilities to wrangle complex models

Customised excel tools

  • Build low cost, quick fixes to merge and manage your existing data

  • Generate proof of concepts fast, without incurring expensive IT costs

Financial Report

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